One must realise that you make the clothes pretty and not otherwise. Fashion is all about attitude. Wearing it right and pulling it off takes the attitude, not beauty. We believe that the gap cannot be filled otherwise. The trick is in being comfortable in your own skin. If that does not happen, nothing else matters. You could wear the most beautiful dress in the world, but if the attitude is not right, you can never pull it off. Once you are in the dress, never be afraid of being seen. People will see the fear in your eyes if you doubt yourself. It is the attitude of the models of the fashion shows that make them stand apart. It is not just the clothes that they wear, but the look.

We help you remove that doubt so you can walk out with your head held high like you own the place. Once you decide who you are and what you want to express, we are here to help you express that. Fashion does not own you. You own the fashion. These clothes are meant to fit you and not the other way around.

Our fashion shows are all about the feel and the body language. We make sure that the dresses we design for the women are meant for the women. They do not come out from an assembly line to be worn by all and sundry. They are clothes which have their own personality. Our designs are very specific and detailed. A lot of thought and effort goes into every stitch and every cut.

These clothes are not meant to be ignored. They are meant to be appreciated when worn and looked at with envy. Live life for you. Then you can appreciate everything that comes with it. Including designer clothes and custom made shoes. Wear the clothes proudly because you know that they are meant for you.